As Argentina’s fourth largest city, Mendoza is a bustling and energetic metropolis that basks daily in a perpetually warm and sunny climate. The city’s historic water system has allowed for the creation of beautiful parks and plazas lined with trees and fountains, with the surrounding suburbs overflowing with gardens and orchards making this city a green oasis in the Andes. Mendoza also lies right underneath the highest peak in the western hemisphere, Aconcagua, which stands at a staggering 22,835 feet (6,960 meters) and is a part of the spectacular Andean scenery that graces the entire Mendoza region. From here, amidst the stunning countryside of rolling green hills, blue skies, colorful flowers, and gorgeous vineyards, you can embark on both a full day exploration of larger than life mountain ranges, as well as an expertly guided wine tour in the Mendoza region.

Nestled within the majestic eastern foothills of the Andean mountain ranges, the dry and sunny Mendoza region is ideal for cultivating grapes used to make some of the finest wines in the world. The city of Mendoza has even become known as the Wine Capital of Argentina. The diverse terrain of the region has also made Mendoza a haven for hikers and adventure seekers that want to explore more of the natural scenery this region has to offer.

Experiences in Mendoza:

As Argentina’s wine country, in Mendoza you will find many different wineries in different regions that will meet your requests. Enjoy some cooking classes and horseback ridings along the Andes foothills and harvest grapes or olive oil.