Southern Patagonia

In the southwestern tip of Patagonia, in the Province of Santa Cruz, the southernmost Argentine continental province rises a frigid plateau, 1500 meters above sea level, which gives birth to immense ice rivers: the glaciers. Declared a Natural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 1981, Los Glaciares National Park is the principal attraction of the El Calafate area.

The park protects a vast area covered by glacier tongues coming down from the Southern Patagonia Ice Cap. The 47 plus glaciers flow into the Argentino and Viedma Glaciers creating a magnificent backdrop of ice tongues and turquoise water lakes crowned by snow-capped mountains. Here you find the Perito Moreno Glacier, known worldwide for its features. The Perito Moreno glacier has a height of 200 feet and an edge of 2 ½ miles. A truly incredible and unforgettable sight. Its accessibility gives the opportunity to explore continental ice, discover unique scenery of magical whiteness, vibrate with the thunderous cracking of the ice walls, or venture out on a surrealistic walk on the immense glacier, whose tongues descend to 200 meters above sea level. You can see the impressive contrast of ice against the greenery of the flora and the woods.

In this region you can also find Ushuaia. The city at the end of the world, the town of Ushuaia lies on the shores of the Beagle Channel, a community which depends variously on fishing, heavy industry and tourism for its livelihood. Founded in the late 1800s, it is the capital of the desolate, sparsely-populated, mountainous and windswept triangular island of Tierra del Fuego which lies to the south of the Magellan Straits. Ushuaia was one of later regions to be settled by immigrants, originally home to the kayak-paddling Ona and Patagon Indians who hunted seal and fish and daubed themselves in seal-fat during winter to ward off the sub-zero temperatures.

The first settlers were missionaries who built simple wooden dwellings on the water’s edge to house their families, not so different from the wooden Scandinavian-style houses which line the main street of Ushuaia today.

Experiences in Southern Patagonia:

Gateway to Los Glaciares National Park in El Calafate, and the Tierra del Fuego National Park in Ushuaia, in this destination you will enjoy several trekkings and navigations that will leave you breathless.

El Calafate